All you need to know about Phase 3 of HCG Diet

Phase 3, also known as maintenance phase, is one of the most important phases of HCG diet. On the last day of the HCG intake, one must stay on 500- calorie diet for additional 3 days. This ensures that all the traces of HCG are flushed out before the introduction of large portions of food back into the body. When these 3 days are over, the daily calorie intake should be increased to 1500 calories. After the last day of 500-calorie diet, the phase 3 of HCG diet is continued for the next 2-3 weeks.


What foods should you introduce to Phase 3 of HCG diet? 

In this phase, you will add foods such as dairy products as well as healthy fats such as avocados into your diet. Moreover, proteins are essential in this phase. The food choices in phase 3 are restricted, but you still to maintain high levels of proteins daily. In this case, food such as cheese and eggs should be added into the diet. However, the best way to maintain high levels of proteins is to use protein drinks or supplements. Most protein powders such as Muscle Milk are safe. Also, you should avoid adding high carbs or sugars into the diet.

How much water do you need in this phase? 

Staying hydrated is imperative during phase 3 of HCG diet. You are recommended to drink about 8-ounce glasses of water each day. However, you should consume more water if you are incorporating exercise in this phase.

Should you do exercises in this phase? 

Exercises are vital in phase 3 of HCG diet as it helps you achieve your goals. Because the calorie intake has increased, you will have to continue with the weight loss. Doing exercises in this phase will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle after you have completed your HCG program. In fact, the exercise in this phase is the best way of ensuring further weight loss in the future.

Should you weigh yourself during this phase? 

Weighing yourself is very crucial in phase 3 of HCG diet. Therefore, you should weigh yourself each morning after emptying your bladder as well as other body substances. In this case, your weight should not exceed the previous weight by more than 2 pounds. If this happens, you should limit the intake of proteins you take each day.

Will you gain weight in this phase? 

Usually, most people will not gain weight during this phase. In this case, you will continue losing weight if you stick to the recommended HCG foods as well incorporating exercise into the diet. The most important thing is to concentrate on HCG approved diet.


This phase will help you achieve your weight loss goals. During this period, your body will maximize the ability to burn fats. Even after completion of the HCG diet, your body will drop extra pounds. In this phase, there is a hormonal balance, increased energy, optimal insulin sensitivity, and proper fat metabolism. Therefore, this phase provides the ultimate way to achieve that healthy as slim look you had always desired. In fact, most the people who have undergone this phase have achieved excellent results.

Why Should you Consider Phase 2 of HCG Diet for Weight Loss

Are you struggling with the weight gain? Do you want some effective ways to get rid of those extra pounds? It is not easy, but you can achieve it with a right attitude and right food intakes. You can follow the phase 2 of HCG Diet to reduce weight within a couple of weeks. Though Phase 2 is the hardest part of the HCG diet, but it is the most rewarding as well. When you will practice this diet, you will notice the visible changes with every passing day. You will feel lighter in every morning and your clothes will fit looser in every week.


Why should you consider phase 2 of HCG Diet?

Have you ever thought why you have gained so much weight? The reason is that something in your body is not working properly. Some face this problem for the wrong food habits and unhealthy lifestyles. We struggle with the weight gain as we follow emotional eating. Instead of looking the nutrients and health benefits, we try to satisfy our food cravings. As the result, we gain weight. Once you put on some weight, it is difficult to get rid of them.

In this situation, you need a diet plan that can help you to reduce the weight naturally. Phase 2 of HCG Diet is designed to give you long-term benefits. It fixes all the internal problems and offers you fit body. It has many benefits such as it helps to correct the hormonal malfunctions in your body and it can change your food dependencies and way of thinking about the food. More importantly, when you see the result, it can motivate you to restrict your food habits. It can change your life within a couple of weeks.

What are the specialties?

• You will continue taking the HCG hormone in the second phase. It will include HCG Pellets, HCG Injections, or the injectable HCG that will be taken sublingually.

• You will not have to follow rigorous exercises in this phase. Even if you do so, it can work adversely. Remember that you are not allowed to do workouts during the phase 3 HCG Diet.

• Always stay active and energetic during the diet. Movement is important to get a great figure, especially when you are on a weight loss diet. If you stay active, it will increase the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage at the same time. You can walk a mile during the phase 2 of HCG Diet.

• In this phase, you will take 500 calories. You do not need to be worried about the calorie intakes. The foods in this diet are designed to give you minimum calories and sufficient nutrients.

• Besides the food and workouts, you will have to be careful about the skin care products. You will have to avoid the oily skin care products as oil get absorbed in your skin and that can slow down weight loss process. You will find a list of skin care products that you can use during this phase.

If you are on medication, consult your physician before go ahead with phase 2 of HCG Diet.